0001879: [General] Upgrades to support version Inno Setup version 6 (timchilvers)
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0001866: [Feature] Wrong data written to [Dirs] section (timchilvers)
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0001858: [General] - PreCompile batch files (timchilvers)
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0000595: [General] [ISPP] text (timchilvers)
0001083: [Feature] Compresion value error (timchilvers)
0001113: [Feature] Ini import failed (timchilvers)
0001114: [Feature] Import ini file wrong (timchilvers)
0001117: [Feature] Batch file not run properly in Post Compile Section (timchilvers)
0000025: [Feature] double clicking an error will move the cursor to the file/line/postion where the error was found (timchilvers)
0000430: [Feature] Add Open #Include File menu item to the Pascal Code view (timchilvers)
0001404: [General] Missing internal compression option (timchilvers)
0001854: [General] Converting File Paths leaves a backslash at start (timchilvers)
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