How to create a new language pack

All Kymoto Solutions applications use a standard interface which allows our applications to be fully translated*. Before you can begin creating a new translation you will need to download the required tool and core language file for the application you would like to created the translation for.

* Some items can not be translated internally, these items are controlled by the underlying O/S and will only show in the selected language.

Filename Description Version Release date  
TransEditor_Latest.exe Translation Editor 2.0.2 24/12/2015 Download

Core language file Description Version Release date Translation Editor core language file 2.0.2 24/12/2015 Download Inno Script Studio core language file 2.2.2 20/10/2015 Download Inno Form Designer core language file N/A N/A Download

What can be translated?

Almost all parts of our applications can be localized by language pack authors, including the following main components

  • Application interface, including menus, toolbars, property dialogs & message dialogs
  • Application content labels (types, aspects, property names, etc.)
  • System-level messages (e.g. Logging, Debugging)

Create a language pack for your language

To create a new language file, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Get the latest version of the Translation Editor
  • Download the latest application core language pack and extract the file to a safe location
  • Launch the Translation Editor, you will be prompted to provide some basic information before you can get started with either creating a new translation or continuing with a previous one.
    translation 01
    Language Source

    If you are creating a new translation pack then click on the Browse button and select the core language (*.dklang) file that was extracted earlier, otherwise select the core language file from the drop down list

    Translation File

    To create a new translation select Create a new translation.

    However if you want to continue translating an existing language pack select Open an existing translation and select the correct file from the drop down list. If the exisiting translation file is not shown in the list, click on Browse and select the translation pack (*.lng) file.

  • Click on OK
  • If you are creating a new translation pack you will be asked to select some additonal language properties, target application version & translation author information.
    translation 02
  • Click on OK
  • You will now be presented with the main translation editor window where you can provide translations for all the available entries in the applications core language.
    translation 03

Get your package published

Send us your language package by email & after verification, it will be published in under the applications Download Directory and will be available for all users.