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Inno Script Studio is a new intuitive graphical interface for generating and compiling scripts for the award winning Inno Setup compiler from Jordan Russell.

Inno Script Studio provides help to simplify the creation of Microsoft Windows installations by allowing the generation of Inno Setup scripts by use of the intuitive interface to reduce the need to manually edit the Inno Setup scripts.

If you’ve created a freeware application, or even if it’s a large and complex application, Inno Script Studio will help you create the perfect Windows installation that fits both you and your customers’ requirements.


Download Inno Script Studio and experience for yourself the best in development enviroments for Inno Setup.


Inno Script Studio presents your Inno Setup script in a logically structured, graphical interface. Any software developer can define and maintain their installation script with Inno Script Studio, without needing to learn a new scripting language.


Further your knowledge by checking out the Inno Script Studio documentation. Here you will find a detailed explanation of all aspects of Inno Script Studio.


Inno Script Studio may be used free of charge, but as with all free software there are costs involved.

So if you wish to express your appreciation for the time and resources the authors have expended developing and supporting Inno Script Studio, and also help defer the costs of running the web site and continued development, we do accept and appreciate donations.