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0000574Inno Script StudioFeaturepublic2018-02-24 16:01
ReporterajtruckleAssigned Totimchilvers 
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Summary0000574: Structure controls
DescriptionI can only click on any of these if I first click the "script" entry at the top left. Then I can go and click a structure section.
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2012-09-21 11:14

administrator   ~0000548

This is currently working as designed. I have set the structure tree view to only be available when either the code editor of script editor is selected.

If this is not the best way forward, if possible could you give an idea of how you would like the feature to work?


2012-09-21 11:16

reporter   ~0000549


Basically I would like it to be available on demand. So it does not matter where I am or what context. If I click any entry in the structure list it goes there (unless a popup is on screen I realise).



2015-03-11 14:28

administrator   ~0001139


This is being looked at again for version 3. The current thinking is when clicking on one of the Structure trees nodes would take you to the editor view and then place you at the related line selected.

If you were looking for some thing different please describe what you are looking for


2015-03-11 15:10

reporter   ~0001140

Thanks. :)


2018-02-24 15:37

reporter   ~0001167

How is version 3 progressing? :)


2018-02-24 16:01

administrator   ~0001168


I'm now finally in a position were I can spend the time needed to get some progress done on version 3 :). With this version I have decided to start from scratch with a lot of the code and to use a more modern version of the Delphi compiler (version 2 is compiled in Delphi XE).

At the moment I wont give any time scales but the core development work has progressed well over the last couple of weeks


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