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0000554Inno Script StudioFeaturepublic2018-02-24 14:55
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Summary0000554: Choice of subkey when adding registry key
DescriptionWhen you add a registry key, could you change the "subkey" edit box into a editable droplist? The droplist would show all used subkeys in the registry section.

This would be handy for when you have to do a few keys. I know I can use the editor and copy/paste but this is an observation for any GUI orientated user.

Thanks for considering.

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2012-09-17 16:08

administrator   ~0000456

The subkey edit has been changed to a drop down combobox, and will now list the subkeys that are already in use.

Feature will be available in the next beta version.


2012-09-20 20:37

reporter   ~0000545


I just used your beta

If you have the same reg key used several times:

Root: "HKCU"; Subkey: "Software\TruckleSoft\SS VBA"; ValueType: string; ValueName: "PathINI"; ValueData: "{app}\SS_Profiles_Config.ini"; Flags: createvalueifdoesntexist uninsdeletevalue
Root: "HKCU"; Subkey: "Software\TruckleSoft\SS VBA"; ValueType: string; ValueName: "PathStructureINI"; Flags: createvalueifdoesntexist
Root: "HKCU"; Subkey: "Software\TruckleSoft\SS VBA"; ValueType: string; ValueName: "SectionID"; Flags: createvalueifdoesntexist

Then it will list "Software\TruckleSoft\SS VBA" 3 times in the drop list. Can the list be unique?


2012-09-20 21:16

administrator   ~0000546

The drop down list for the Subkey control, has been changed to show only unique entries.

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