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0000331Inno Script StudioGeneralpublic2018-02-24 14:55
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PlatformInno Script Studio 7 Pro x64OS VersionSP1
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Summary0000331: ISS doesn't correctly handle quotes in Parameters of [Run] items
DescriptionNote in the POC script attached:
 1) Open the item in the "Install Run" section. In the dialog, the "Parameters" field has the value:
     /arg1 "dummy string"

 2) But in the script view the line reads:
     Filename: "{app}\destfile1.exe"; Parameters: "/arg1 "dummy string""

When compiling a syntax error is reported.
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2012-05-10 14:16


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2012-05-10 15:40

administrator   ~0000203

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Issues has been confirmed in latest build ( & 2.0.0 Beta).

When writing section list back to the script it is not correctly handling the single quotation marks. The single quotation marks need to be converted in to double quotation marks.

Filename: "{app}\destfile1.exe"; Parameters: "/arg1 "dummy string""

Filename: {app}\destfile1.exe; Parameters: "/arg1 ""dummy string"""


2012-05-10 19:17

administrator   ~0000204

Issue fixed in build

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