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0000026Inno Script StudioFeaturepublic2011-06-16 12:10
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Summary0000026: compiling from focused script tab(an included file in main.iss script file)
1. open a main script file.
2. edit one of it's included script files
3. while still having focus on this script file start compiling it.

the error Required [Setup] section directive "AppName" not specified shows up in messages.

workaround is to save the changed script file first and go to the main.iss file and then compile it. It works but is a bit cumbersome.
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2011-06-15 15:13

administrator   ~0000037

Editing, and compiling of Include files is to be looked at after beta 20 has been released


2011-06-16 12:10

reporter   ~0000042

Nice to know.. when it's implemented I will use it as my main script editor.

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