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0000023Inno Script StudioGeneralpublic2018-02-24 14:56
ReporterRavaut123Assigned Totimchilvers 
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Summary0000023: The bold style for begin and end are gone after some code
DescriptionWhen i write some code in [Code] then after this code the bold and color is disappeared
Steps To Reproducein de 'Pascal Code' section we have the color and bold style, but in the 'Inno setup script' section the color and bold style is disappeared.

Just set this code in [Code]
and look it in the 'Pascal Code' and 'Inno setup script' section

function InitializeSetup(): Boolean;
  Result:= PromptUntilProgramClosedOrInstallationCanceled( Format(ProgramRunningOnInstallMessage,['{#SetupSetting("AppName")}']));
  if (Not Result) then
    MsgBox( InstallationCanceledMessage, mbInformation, MB_OK );
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2011-06-15 12:26

administrator   ~0000034

Issue has been confirmed


2011-06-15 12:43

administrator   ~0000035

The Syntax highlighter was incorrectly identifying ['{#SetupSetting("AppName")}'] as a Inno Setup section.

The code used to phase the syntax has been changed, and is now correctly identifying the Inno Setup sections.

A fix is now in place for Beta 18

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