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0000203Inno Script StudioFeaturepublic2018-02-24 14:55
ReporterWaddleSplashAssigned Totimchilvers 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformAMD Phenom IIOSWindows 64-bitOS Version7 SP1
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000203: Feature: Add icons to all menus
DescriptionCurrently, only the "Help", "Tabs", and "Tools->Insert Color" have icons. Since there are already icons for these actions in the toolbars, could you make the menus look a little nicer by adding these icons into the menus?
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2012-02-10 21:27

reporter   ~0000188

Looks like I missed the "Search" (which has 2 items with icons) and "View" (which has 1 item with an icon) and "View->Sections" (all of it's items have icons) menus.


2012-02-13 13:59

administrator   ~0000191

Most menu items will have icons added to them in the next major version


2012-09-17 16:15

administrator   ~0000458

All items that can be added to the toolbars via the Customization dialog now have icons. Some menu items with sub-menus do not have icons associated.

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