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0000200Inno Script StudioGeneralpublic2018-02-24 14:55
ReporterWaddleSplashAssigned Totimchilvers 
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PlatformAMD Phenom IIOSWindowsOS Version7 - 64-bit
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Summary0000200: Tooltips disappear too fast
DescriptionOn all dialogs tried so far, the tooltips on the Flags section disappear after 0000005:0000003.5 seconds, much too fast for a normal reader to read the longer ones (e.g. regtypelib, regserver). This occurs everywhere, but the other places it is not a problem because the tooltips are one sentence long, not 100+ words.

I have Inno Script Studio (20111122-105332).
Steps To ReproduceAnywhere that has a tooltip in Inno Script Studio.
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2012-02-10 00:17

reporter   ~0000185

Whoops, for some reason Mantis tagged a more-or-less symbol as some sort of tag. I meant to say 3.5 seconds or so.


2012-02-10 17:08

administrator   ~0000186

Issue is confirmed in the latest build. Will look at extending the popup time for the displayed hint


2012-02-10 21:02

reporter   ~0000187

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How about you just extend the limit to infinity (or if that's not possible, something large, like 300 seconds) because once the mouse leaves the control, the message disappears anyway. Or even better, move all the tooltips into some "What's This?" texts and add the "What's This?" button to the window border, if it's possible.


2012-02-16 22:23

administrator   ~0000193

I'm looking at adding the What's This help to the property dialogs as this seems to be the best way around the issue without causing to much trouble.

I'm investigating creating the html help file for this to be added.


2012-03-27 19:32

administrator   ~0000197

The html help file for this feature is around 70% complete, and the required code has been added to allow the "What's this" help to work on all the property dialogs (Has been added to all needed controls, as well as the flags).

Also "What's this" help has been added to the Setup Options dialog.


2012-06-16 15:01

administrator   ~0000339

The popup hints have been replaces with "What's This" help and will be available in version 2.0

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