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0001708Inno Script StudioGeneralpublic2015-02-21 10:07
ReportermitrichAssigned Totimchilvers 
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Product Version2.1 
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Summary0001708: [Setup] section directives with spaces before '=' symbol doesn't recognized.
DescriptionWhen editing script, that contains spaces before "=" symbol in [Setup] section directives, they are not properly parsed and edit boxes in "Setup options" dialog are empty.
AppName = My program
AppVersion = 1.0

Also, IS compiler removes spaces before setup directive value, but ISS left them.
AppName= My Program
Compiler will remove this space, but ISS display this value in "Setup Options" dialog as " My Program".
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2015-02-21 10:07

administrator   ~0001121

Confirmed in latest build.

This is being caused by the Delphi TStringList not allowing for spaces when retrieving either the Name or Value fields.

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