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Summary0000161: keyboard combinations for menu items
DescriptionWith version 0.0.23 Beta you introduced new keyboard shotcuts for several menu items.
Along with this you use "Ctrl - Alt - 7" and "Ctrl - Alt - 8".
On German keyboards pressing these combinations will result in unwanted behavior, because in Germany we use these combinations for the brackets "{" and "[".
So, if you want to insert one of the brackets in the pascal scripting source code, ISStudio does not insert the wanted bracket at all and switches to the sections "Pre/Post Compilation Steps" instead.
Please remove all "Crtl - Alt" combinations for switching the different sections and use other keyboard shortcuts for this.
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2012-01-03 12:31

administrator   ~0000183

This has been changed in version

For this to take effect you must reset the toolbar settings to allow the shortcuts to be updated. Use the following options to do this:

1. Choose the option to "Reset Toolbars" during installation/upgrade.
2. With ISStudio open, go to the "View" menu, choose "Toolbars", then "Customize Toolbars". From the customize dialog click on "Default Options" and close.

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