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0000142Inno Script StudioGeneralpublic2018-02-24 14:55
ReportertonigoAssigned Totimchilvers 
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Summary0000142: Spanish (Non US) keyboard layout conflict with editor shortcuts
DescriptionI have tried to search for this and didn't found, so if this have been already reported sorry.

The situation in simple:
I have a spanish keyboard layout, with this layout some key combinations are neede to get some symbols in code editor:
  AltGr (or Ctrl + Alt) + 3 is needed to get # symbol
  AltGr (or Ctrl + Alt) + 2 is needed to get @ symbol
This conflicts directly with Ctrl + Alt + <number> used as a shortcut to show different sections.
So, every time I try to enter a #define Var line in code editor Script Studio changes current code section editor to show Install Delete Section.

As making all those application shortcuts user configurable can be a hard work (or al least not simple), could it be posible to have a configuration flag to disable them? ("Disable View Sections Shortcuts" or "Disable View Sections Ctrl-Alt Shortcuts").
Obviously i prefer not being able to use view section shortcuts at all instead of not beign able to write # symbol in code editor.

Also, this is a fantastic editor!!! Keep this way. I love it (even having to use Inno IDE to do some code writing).


Steps To ReproduceHaving a Spanish Keyboard, with Spanish Keyboard Layout on Windows.
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2011-11-22 10:17

reporter   ~0000176

Sorry, i forgot:
Inno Script Studio Version: Beta (20111101-180522)


2011-11-22 10:49


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Customize.png (22,238 bytes)


2011-11-22 10:50

administrator   ~0000177

The extended shortcuts used in the section menu have been removed as this was causing to many issues with non English keyboard users

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