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0001314Inno Script StudioFeaturepublic2015-07-30 15:43
ReporterMythranAssigned Totimchilvers 
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Product Version2.1 
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Summary0001314: #pragma spansymbol - Syntax Highlighting
DescriptionSyntax highlighting is not correctly displaying the colorized text for ISPP line spanning when the spansymbol is changed from the default '\' character to another symbol, such as the pipe '|'. Also, the default spansymbol of '\' is erroneously recognized and lines following it are incorrectly colorized if a different symbol is declared with the spansymbol pragma.
Steps To ReproduceNotice, when you copy and paste the following into a ISS file, the lines following the first pipe '|' symbol are not colorized correctly as they would be if they were either on the same line as the #define, or if a backslash character was used in place of the pipe on those lines. If you just comment out the #pragma line below, you'd get a compiler error if you tried to compile, but the colorizer indicates that the lines are continuations of the previous line:

#pragma spansymbol '|';

#define public GetVersionInfo(str AssemblyPath) |
  ParseVersion(AssemblyPath, Local[0], Local[1], Local[2], Local[3]), |
  Str(Local[0]) + '.' + Str(Local[1]);

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2013-09-10 20:30

reporter   ~0001116

Also, something I just noticed about this issue, the custom spansymbol shows the squiggly line under them when used for line continuation.

Note/fix of my example: The code WILL NOT even compile with the example with the default span symbol I wrote above. I placed a semi-colon comment under [Code] which is should have been C-style comments instead. Just a FYI.


2013-09-10 21:07

administrator   ~0001117

The syntax highlighter has the default span symbol coded in to the functions to style the spanned lines.

Need to devise a way to check for the #pragma spansymbol entry and set the function to use that instead.


2015-07-30 15:43

reporter   ~0001149

If/when this gets addressed, it would also be nice that the syntax highlighter also recognize and enforce the syntax if the line-span symbol was changed by an included ISS as well. Currently, of course, it doesn't work...

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