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0000277Inno Script StudioGeneralpublic2012-06-27 13:05
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Summary0000277: Tab spacing in Editor fixed at 2 and tab characters are not "converted" opening script.
DescriptionWhen opening a script containing {tab} characters, the spacing in the Editor is fixed at 2 characters. In other editors this can be customized and is usually 4 characters (eg. VBA and Notepad++) while Notepad.exe uses a fixed 8 character position. So when you open a script made with another editor, the alignment of your code can be messed up.

The Tools > Options settings "Convert tabs to spaces" works only when hitting [Tab] in the editor but does not parse {tab} characters already in the script (should this also occur? for consistency I'd say 'yes').

The "Tab width" can only be set when explicitly converting tabs to spaces, but it should be used also for parsing the tab position to the desired spacing, that is, to the next multiple of the number given, independent of any conversion.

Concurrently, the Auto-indent feature indents with spaces and not using {tab} characters (as does for instance Notepad++) even though I do not convert tabs with spaces.
Steps To ReproduceHaving set the option *not* to transform tabs in spaces, insert a {TAB} character at the beginning of a line in the script: the cursor will move to the next odd column (i.e. 3, a +2 over the previous position '1').
Additional InformationIMHO,

a) Tab positions should be customizable independent of the "conversion" setting
b) When set to convert tabs to spaces, it should convert tabs opening scripts (but not mark the file as modified otherwise it would trigger a 'Save' message when closing the file without additional changes)
c) indenting must occur using a suitable combination of tabs and spaces to fill up the gap with the lowest amount of characters (like in Notepad++) and only use spaces when explicitly having set "convert to spaces"
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