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0001885Inno Script StudioGeneralpublic2022-08-05 12:09
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Product Version2.5.1 
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Summary0001885: isstudio not respoding : Message output not updated when running external commands
DescriptionFrom time to time we check new version shall it work with current project setup.
One of issues is following:
When using newer version of isstudio we are unable to see the progress of [PreCompile] and [PostCompile] batch commands execution.
If we click on application or wait little isstudio is goes white and is marked as Not Responding App (user can force the close of app in this moment).
We have long pre process commands (ie: perfroming clean+build of project) .

This was working just fine on version, and think all version after this one were having above issue.
I guess we will revert back to above version since this may produce strange behavior in our build environment.

thank you for support
Steps To ReproduceCreate batch file that requires long time to execute
And define [PreCompile] with that bacth file, for example:
name: ".\Build\build-all.cmd"; flags: cmdprompt abortonerror redirectoutput runminimized
and run script in isstudio
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