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Summary0000864: Clarification about error message

When I build my script one of the errors is:

Warning: LanguageName should not contain non-ASCII characters; such characters will be interpreted as being from the ISO-8859-1 character set by a non Unicode Setup. Use "<nnnn>" to embed Unicode characters, where "nnnn" is the 4-digit hexadecimal Unicode character code.

but it does not tell me which file it relates to.

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2013-03-08 21:55

reporter   ~0000734


Any clarification about this?



2013-03-18 15:19

administrator   ~0000735

Hi Andrew,

Is this still an issue?

The message is being generated internally by the Inno compiler and from looking at the source for it, it seems that it's due to having non-ASCII characters in the [LangOptions] section.

Can you confirm if you have a LangOptions section in the script? If so can you please post it here


2013-03-18 15:25

reporter   ~0000736


LangOptions only appears in the ISL files.

These are my languages:

Name: English; MessagesFile: compiler:Default.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.eng\LicenseEnglish.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\inno\l.eng\InfoAfterEnglish.rtf
Name: German; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\German.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.deu\LicenseGerman.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\inno\l.deu\InfoAfterGerman.rtf
Name: Italian; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\Italian.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.ita\LicenseItalian.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\inno\l.ita\InfoAfterItalian.rtf
Name: Spanish; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\Spanish.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.esp\LicenseSpanish.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\inno\l.esp\InfoAfterSpanish.rtf
Name: Polish; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\Polish.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.plk\LicensePolish.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\inno\l.plk\InfoAfterPolish.rtf
Name: French; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\French.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.fra\LicenseFrench.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\inno\l.fra\InfoAfterFrench.rtf
Name: Portuguese; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\BrazilianPortuguese.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.ptb\LicensePortuguese.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\inno\l.ptb\InfoAfterPortuguese.rtf
Name: Dutch; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\Dutch.isl; LicenseFile: ..\Inno\l.nld\LicenseDutch.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\Inno\l.nld\InfoAfterDutch.rtf
Name: Swedish; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\Swedish.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.sve\LicenseSwedish.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\Inno\l.sve\InfoAfterSwedish.rtf
Name: Slovenian; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\Slovenian.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.slv\LicenseSlovenian.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\Inno\l.slv\InfoAfterSlovenian.rtf
Name: Czech; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\Czech.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.csy\LicenseCzech.RTF; InfoAfterFile: ..\Inno\l.csy\InfoAfterCzech.rtf
Name: Finnish; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\Finnish.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.fin\LicenseFinnish.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\Inno\l.fin\InfoAfterFinnish.rtf
Name: Danish; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\Danish.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.dan\LicenseDanish.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\Inno\l.dan\InfoAfterDanish.rtf
Name: Ukrainian; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\Ukrainian.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.ukr\LicenseUkrainian.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\inno\l.ukr\InfoAfterUkrainian.rtf
Name: Russian; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\Russian.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.rus\LicenseRussian.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\inno\l.rus\InfoAfterRussian.rtf
Name: Filipino; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\Tagalog.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.eng\LicenseEnglish.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\inno\l.eng\InfoAfterEnglish.rtf
Name: HaitianCreole; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\HaitianCreole.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.eng\LicenseEnglish.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\inno\l.eng\InfoAfterEnglish.rtf
Name: Afrikaans; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\Afrikaans.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.afk\LicenseAfrikaans.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\inno\l.afk\InfoAfterAfrikaans.rtf
Name: Albanian; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\Albanian.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.sqi\LicenseAlbanian.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\inno\l.sqi\InfoAfterAlbanian.rtf
Name: ChineseSimplified; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\ChineseSimplified.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.chs\LicenseChineseSimplified.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\inno\l.chs\InfoAfterChineseSimplified.rtf
Name: Croatian; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\Croatian.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.eng\LicenseEnglish.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\inno\l.eng\InfoAfterEnglish.rtf
Name: Turkish; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\Turkish.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.trk\LicenseTurkish.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\inno\l.trk\InfoAfterTurkish.rtf
Name: Twi; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\Twi.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.eng\LicenseEnglish.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\inno\l.eng\InfoAfterEnglish.rtf
Name: Swahili; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\Swahili.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.eng\LicenseEnglish.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\inno\l.eng\InfoAfterEnglish.rtf
Name: Estonian; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\Estonian.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.eng\LicenseEnglish.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\inno\l.eng\InfoAfterEnglish.rtf
Name: Romanian; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\Romanian.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.rom\LicenseRomanian.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\inno\l.rom\InfoAfterRomanian.rtf
Name: Greek; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\Greek.isl; LicenseFile: ..\inno\l.ell\LicenseGreek.rtf; InfoAfterFile: ..\inno\l.ell\InfoAfterGreek.rtf


2013-03-18 15:53

reporter   ~0000737

Maybe Romanian is the culprit?


I don't know if that character is OK.



2013-03-18 15:57

administrator   ~0000738


I have downloaded the unoffical translations (except the 4 listed below) and tested a basic script with what I have and it compiles with out giving the error message.

I have been unable to test with the following:

Could you forward the above language files to so I can test with those as well.

Currently the Romainian language allows the script to compile with only infomation errors about constants being missing (using IS 5.5.3 to test and language file is for 5.1.11)


2013-03-18 16:21

reporter   ~0000739



2013-03-18 16:54

administrator   ~0000740

Right, found the issue.

The Romainian language file is the problem. The following is set for the language name in the isl file:

The problem is not the <0103> (this is correct) but the name has an "â" in it which falls under the non-ASCII characters for Inno Setup. Changing this to <00E2> seems to work fine. Wth the change the line looks like:


I have attached a screen shot to show what it looks like in the language select box


2013-03-18 16:55


lang_test.png (18,919 bytes)
lang_test.png (18,919 bytes)


2013-03-18 17:16

reporter   ~0000741

That did it. I will have to contact the author of the ISL file. Thanks.

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